Be curious, not furious.

5 things you need to learn about the connection between your teen’s brain and your teen’s emotions…

1. The brain controls everything

2. The brain can be fed just like the rest of your


3. Concussions, drugs, and alcohol impact the

    brain’s health

4. ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression and eating

    disorders can be symptoms of poor brain


5. Your peace of mind depends on educating  

    your teen with 1-4

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a positive social-emotional influence on your kids 
a Dinerman Leadership Solutions Initiative

What will I get?

Loving your imperfect child begins with understanding how their brain impacts their emotions. Peace of mind begins with observing them in various activities. Learning how they think will give you confidence as a parent.

You’ll get 10 activities to do with your teen to start your understanding of getting to peace of mind.
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