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Benefits of Coaching Techniques For Your Teen's Social and Emotional Health

1) Coaching is the most effective method for learning skills
2) Coaching facilitates teen learning more than traditional parenting

3) Coaching teaches kids to trust their decision-making process.  

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What people are saying about this material...

“Million thanks for this amazing course. This is just the beginning but you are providing so much value. I have to go to learn some more. Most amazing course ever.”

—Zoulikha Boubekeur

“Has given me hope, connections, and the assurance, I never thought I would be capable of having again outside of the relationship I had with my parents.”

— Celestine R. Snell

About Dinerman Leadership...

Rob Dinerman CEO of DLS is an educator and mindset coach. Rob became concerned about brain health as a member of New Providence Board of Education and the Global Youth Initiative for the John Maxwell team. He saw first hand the impact of the core brain health on the outcomes for college acceptances.  He began a K-12 initiative to focus on social and emotional behavior which includes the creation of positive video games, the coaching of parents who want healthy brains for their kids, and participation in University of Pennsylvania graduate school of education Catalyst Program which promotes the creation of curriculum and technology for healthy K-12. Rob and his team at DLS carry several certifications for coaching and teaching brain health and other related activities.

Email Compliance Statement: DLS is committed to ensuring the security and protection of your personal information and emails that we process. We certify that we adhere to GDPR standards as well as those governed by United States law. 
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